Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Current Tour

Been hearing a lot of good things about the current tour. The band has been in & around NYC during the past 2 weeks and people are sounding really happy about what they're seeing. How about a few "man-on-the-street" reviews of some recent shows?


  1. The two Philly shows were excellent. Lots of incredible memories in that building. I am 60 and enjoyed hanging and getting off with deadheads in their 20's, 30's, and 40's. Particular highlights on Friday were nice versions of Jack Straw and Loose Lucy as well as the best drums I can remember. Philly is always such a nice relaxed crowd.

    Saturday's show is being played on Sirius this coming Sunday. I particularly liked "help on the way-slipknot-Franklin as well as the encore being Samson & Delilah (If I had my way) which was a nod to the soon to happen demolition of the Spectrum. These shows felt like they happened in the 1970's!!

  2. I haven't seen the band on the current tour. But I've been a deadhead for decades. I went to the outdoors show in Englishtown, NJ in '77. I was too young to go to Woodstock, so this was kind of my substitute. We got there at 2 AM, and were about 100 yards from the stage. It grew so hot during the course of the day and we were so unprepared. Few snacks and little water or anything else to drink. I almost passed out because of the heat. One of the opening acts was The Marshall Tucker Band, and they were great. But when the sun finally went down and the day cooled off, the Dead came on and were fabulous. It was worth all the hassles. After the show, it took us 2.5 hours to finally find our car, and another 2 hours to drive home. Exhausting, but worth it.


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