Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From the Golden Road

March or April 1978 - Rennselaer Polytechinc Institue Four frat brothers and I drove from Easton, PA to Cornell Univ. in NY to see Commande Cody & the LPA during their big spring weekend. One of the guys, Paul E. had a hometown honey at Cornell so he was the one who convinced us to make the trip. He told us we'd have a place to crash & that the Dead was playing at RPI on Sunday so we could catch them as well. RPI is a short drive from Cornell. After we get there, Paul hooks up with his girl and dissapears, leaving us on our own. All night the remaining 4 of us, drifted from frat to frat to get free beer. About 4 AM, we sat down on some benches in I don't know what frat and began to nod. We overheard some brothers still standing at the bar talking about physically tossing us. It was the first time I tried to literally sleep with one eye open. Luckily nothing happened. Saturday, we managed to fnd Paul and get ready to head to RPI and he tells us he's not coming, and will find his own way back to Easton. Well we head to RPI and score tickets to the show, and start partying in the parking lot, among others, the Hell's Angels. Like that was unusual. Between sets of the show, we sit down on the gym floor, forming a little circle to create some space. After a few minutes, some kid who was Mr. Napolean Blownapart, stumbles into the circle, looks around and says, "Anybody know who I am?" Unbelievable.

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  1. I remember a show at Winterland in '74. It was a pretty wierd nite. The band seemed really off. It was like the musical inbreeding had gotten so far out of hand, that the only people in the place who knew what was going on, were the five guys on stage. And it's not like I was bombed, just a nice buzz, but I was ready for a kick-ass show, and I got something much less. It was a Grateful Dud.


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